Johannesburg City Heritage


Adam Asvat and his wife Khadija moved here from their home in 11th Street when forced removals were taking place. He had been driven from his birthplace in Sophiatown by the Group Area Act and refused to let that happen again. With sixty-six other residents Mr Asvat founded the Save Pageview Association. They fought the evictions through the Courts, clinging to their homes while bulldozers demolished adjoining walls. Their courageous stand won through and in 1989 the eviction order was dropped.
Blue Plaque Address: 
12th Street, Pageview (Fietas)


Formerly Colin Gordon Nursing Home

This is the work of a highly inventive architect who rejected the rational approach, choosing to express emotion in his buildings. In 1941 Wilhelm B Pabst designed a bastion against dread disease using imagery from a castle. There are surgical cuts to be endured, a battery of injections, life hangs by a thread. Curves, squares, rectangles are all involved. There is nothing simple about disease, but medicine triumphs and over-sails the site boundaries with the array of balconies and the great Oriel window

Blue Plaque Address: 
17 Esselen Street, Hillbrow

Bosman Site

At the age of 21, Herman Charles Bosman was condemned to death for shooting and killing his step-brother here in 1926. After his sentence was commuted, the young school-teacher spent four years in prison, an experience which inspired his book "Cold stone Jug". In the twenty years after his release, Bosman wrote the stories and essays for which he gained fame as a writer.
Blue Plaque Address: 
19 Isipingo Street, Bellevue